Very Fine Day.

Very Fine Day is an interview newsletter. It is edited and produced by Brad Esposito. You can also follow Very Fine Day on Instagram and Twitter.

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What people are saying about Very Fine Day

Learn more about the people who keep the internet humming

Very Fine Day features interviews with some of the most influential people on the social internet.

Usually restricted to a few tweets or articles, the journalists, researchers, designers, and artists who cover and create what we talk about every day have life stories with depth that just don’t get revealed on the regular social web.

Very Fine Day changes that.

No advertisements, no rubbish

Very Fine Day is a free project, for the most part. Supporters get access to extended interviews and extras, but VFD exists for reasons outside of cash and business.

It’s a way to learn about the internet and the people on it without becoming a slave to your newsfeed, or an algorithm designed by billionaires in Silicon Valley.

About Brad

Very Fine Day is transcribed, edited, and put together by me, Brad Esposito. I have spent 10+ years working online, getting my start as a bright-eyed 19-yr-old internet explorer at BuzzFeed.

Since then I have covered the alt-right, internet culture, medicinal cannabis, social platforms, predicted the rise of TikTok, and more.

I have hosted short-lived news shows, gone viral eating chicken nuggets, and made a fool of myself more times than I can count.

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I believe there is a real opportunity to build Very Fine Day into something beautiful and unlike anything that currently exists.

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VFD is a transparent operation and all spend is run by the group.

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