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Very Fine Day is edited and produced by Brad Esposito. It is a newsletter about the beginning of the 2020s: the desperation, the innovation, and the triumph in our digital world.

We are all alive and suffering through this. I try to be realistic about it all.

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Very Fine Day is released in a column format, once or twice a week. Paid subscribers also get access to the weekly recommendations.

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About Brad

I have spent 10+ years working online, getting my start as a bright-eyed 19-yr-old internet explorer at BuzzFeed.

Since then I have covered the alt-right, internet culture, medicinal cannabis, social platforms, predicted the rise of TikTok, and more.

I have hosted short-lived news shows, gone viral eating chicken nuggets, and made a fool of myself more times than I can count.

I am currently the head of editorial at VICE AU/NZ.

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To be alive and suffering during the Internet Revolution.


I am the creator of Very Fine Day.