"When you have enough people deferring responsibility, and enough people just not caring, of course you’re going to get insane shit".
“There had to be these other moments, right? Good moments. And trying to find those smaller moments… that’s the challenge."
"I actually think nice is easy. So if I come off as nice I think that’s easy. I think the challenge is being kind."
“Caring about food doesn't have to be a precious aesthetic act."
"The greatest misconception of the early internet era was it would be this unregulable space."
"How do we make people understand that their town might not exist next summer?"
“Guys, Kylie Jenner is making Snapchat’s stock drop with one tweet”.
“Doing a great takedown is a shortcut to becoming known.”
“Wherever there’s conflict, there’s content to be made out of it.”
On being a British muslim, and what (if anything) will stop the culture wars.
"Making the smart stuff dumb and making the dumb stuff smart."
"We literally made almonds unsustainable. Remember when almonds were going to be our salvation from dairy?"