"There's always a meme, there's always a new app, there's always a shift that's happening."
"I feel a little bit exhausted by it a lot of the time."
"I don't want to just be like: antidepressants bad or chemical imbalance wrong. I just want to start nudging people to think about these things more…
"How much would that suck to be a young person right now?"
Wanna know how to build a great podcast? Start with the 2020 Johannesburg saliva production Olympics.
"I think personal vanity is a part of the game. It's up to you to control how big a part of the game it is."
"You should make sure that you control the emoji narrative."
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"The idea that someone will track down your contact details to send you something really hateful is always going to be a little unsettling."
"The fruit kind of sucks in Ohio."
"I am not getting invited to Uber parties."