"So I was like: OK, I'm gonna do this for six months. And if it doesn't work out then I'm gonna go be, like, social media director for some corporation…
"Alex Jones has it. President Trump has it...You can use that for good or evil, and evil just seems like it pays more."
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"The thing I want to return to hasn't existed for a long time."
"I would never say that it is totally unreasonable for people to be suspicious, even if that suspicion is often the driver of incredibly bad things."
Or "WTF is an interview newsletter?"
"When you have enough people deferring responsibility, and enough people just not caring, of course you’re going to get insane shit".
"Do I really look like the kind of guy with a plan?"
"I realised how quiet and peaceful it was and I just immediately burst into tears".
"You could either become a coordinator or you could throw your life away and try and be creative. So I decided to throw it away".
"The fruit kind of sucks in Ohio."
"I'm super curious about looking at the abuses of power behind the scenes that rarely get talked about."