Sitemap - 2022 - Very Fine Day

Elon Musk Cannot Handle Bullies

VFD Member's Links #8: But This Time It's Different

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

VFD Member's Links #7

Kanye West Meets His Maker

The Devil Knows We're Dead

VFD Member's Links #6

Not Dumb, But Stupid

BuzzFeed Was A Perfect Accident

Another Case for Private Equity

VFD Member's Links #5

We Are All Reply Guys Now

VFD Member's Links #4

This Version of Things is Brutal and Constant

VFD Member's Links #3

The Internet's Day of Reckoning

VFD Member's Links #2

Free Speech? You Bet.

VFD Member's Links #1

An update on the future of VFD

Everything is Wrestling Again

A Great Day for Sports

Pulling Teeth with Billionaires

Death is Real

Adapt or Die

Another Death Knell For Instagram’s Relevance

⚠️ Being Real is easy ⚠️

A gradually uncool empire: How to fix Netflix

There's plenty of money in media – just not for you.

They are living a life without it.

How noble to think it will ever be different.

And this is my admittedly vague promise to you, then.

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